Sponsored by The Fish Sniffer Lakehead Trout Derby, Shasta Lake Sponsored by Shasta Lake Business Owners Association
  Here are the results and photos from our
4th Annual Trout Derby, October 2004.

Read the story here: 4th Annual Trout Derby, 2004

2004 Derby Winner Dave Thielman
1st Place Winner Dave Thielman, San Jose, CA: 10.65 lbs. $2500.00
2004 Derby 2nd Place Sandy Drake
2nd Place Winner Sandy Drake, Lakehead, CA: 10.25 lbs. $1000.00


2004 Derby 3rd Place Ben Peterson
3rd Place Winner Ben Petersen, Martinez, CA: 9.45 lbs. $850.00
2004 Derby 4th Place Bruce Dyche
4th Place Winner Bruce Dyche, Windsor, CA: 9.37 lbs. $750.00


2004 Derby 5th Place Ed Cavellero
5th Place Winner Ed Cavellero, Redding, CA: 9.33 lbs. $650.00
2004 Derby 6th Place Cheryl Dulon
6th Place Winner Cheryl Dulon, Lakehead, CA: 8.86 lbs. $555.00


2004 Derby 7th Place Paul Kneeland
7th Place Winner Paul Kneeland, Colfax, CA: 8.44 lbs. $450.00
8th Place Winner Sambo Lage, Concord, CA: 8.44 lbs. $350.00
(No Picture Available)

9th Place Winner Mitch Bicandi, San Jose, CA: 8.12 lbs. $250.00
(No Picture Available)

10th Place Winner Tim Marble, Chico, CA: 8.02 lbs. $150.00
(No Picture Available)


2004 Derby 11th Place Butch Jacobson
11th Place Winner Butch Jacobson, Livermore, CA: 7.75 lbs. $100.00
12th Place Winner Dennis Black, Aptos, CA: 7.74 lbs. $100.00
(No Picture Available)

13th Place Winner Lindsey Gartner, Los Banos, CA: 7.54 lbs. $100.00
(No Picture Available)


2004 Derby 14th Place Billy Thompson
14th Place Winner Billy Thompson, Phoenix, OR: 7.45 lbs. $100.00
2004 Derby 15th Place Sean Vincon
15th Place Winner Sean Vincon, Shasta Lake, CA: 7.39 lbs. $100.00


More Derby Participants


2004 Derby Participant Robert Silva
Derby Participant Robert Silva
2004 Derby Participant Joe Cox
Derby Participant Joe Cox
2004 Derby Participant Nancy Coe
Derby Participant Nancy Coe
2004 Derby Participant BB Haniey
Derby Participant BB Haniey
2004 Derby Participant Chuck Macy
Derby Participant Chuck Macy
2004 Derby Participant Chuck Zeller
Derby Participant Chuck Zeller


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